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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Poems for Autism

eBook (PDF 82 pages) and paperback (86 Pages)

Louise is a Professional Counsellor and Autism Therapist in Australia. She is also a mother of 3 children (AS), relative, friend, colleague and mentor to many other persons living with diffabilities. “Poems for Autism” is a collection of just some of the many poems Louise has written for and in advocacy of persons living with Autism as part of their lives. Her understanding and knowledge of Autism/Aspergers is apparent in this book of poems. A highlight of her career recently was in being requested to be a co-author for a new and exciting developmental model for Autism. This book of poetry is intended for anyone wishing to gain an insight into some of the perceptions, feelings and experiences of an individual living with a diffablility. Such readers are fellow professionals, teachers, students, parents/carers and anyone interested in learning more about Autism.

Review - 5 stars 
"Philip Wylie FCA MBA BEng Value-Added Financial & Media Services “I can thoroughly recommend Louise's poems, ESPECIALLY for parents and other relatives of autistic individuals because they have a healing effect in an extraordinarily inspirational way. Having worked with Louise on the Nine Degrees project I know her to be a wholesome and caring writer, poet and mum.” (LinkedIn)

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